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dkFinancial Distribution focuses on the expansion of distribution for small to mid sized mutual funds, annuities, and money managers.

Control your R.O.I. and let our team of trained and experienced wholesalers give you the marketing advantage.

Our staff is ready for any project ranging from long term wholesaling to short term market penetration goals. Even if you have a wholesaling team and need a little extra marketing support or field training let us know.

We can help you reach your goal quickly and with a lot less capital then building a proprietary sales force of inexperienced wholesalers.

We expect you to have a desire to raise capital and to do what it takes to get the job done. We can only be successful if we have the budget, flexibility, and allow access to your information and managers. On average we commit to a minimum of 4 months with one to two weeks at your home office for training the staff assigned to your project.

At present we are only adding clients on the west coast focused in the CA, NV, HI, WA area. That is where the bulk of our database and contacts are based. Our desire to work narrow and deep will set us apart from other 3rd party distribution companies.

Services we offer:
  • Wholesaling & Inside Wholesaling
  • Wholesaler training
  • Technology consulting for your company and sales team
  • One on one coaching for your team and management
  • Third party analyst
  • Fulfillment
  • Mailings and special events
  • Recruitment of permanent wholesalers and managers
Please address all inquiries to